Unhinged movie review

Unhinged movie review

Starring Oscar-winning Russell Crowe, this gripping road-rage drama was written by Carl Ellsworth and directed by Derrick Borte. Also called a psycho-thriller, this movie will make you wonder what happened to civility and respect in the world today. Maybe this is a movie we all need to watch just to remember to be a little bit more kind and patient with each other. Here’s the deal: it all starts with you.

The film’s release kept getting pushed back because of the pandemic. It’s now opening in actual theaters. Do you think you’ll go? I received a screener to watch from the safety of my home. Yay! Hopefully, the movie will go to online streaming soon too for those who don’t want to go inside theaters.

Due to the brutal violence, this is NOT a movie that a lot of people will enjoy.


People flip the bird
Profanity and lots of F-bombs
Disturbing scenes of death and destruction
Brutal violence, especially with lots of innocent people


Road rage
Aggression, anger
Our words and actions have consequences
Learn the art of a “courtesy tap”!
Learn how to apologize
Violence and retribution


I appreciate murder scenes when I don’t have to watch the gore, but know what’s going on because of the audio. It’s so much more terrifying.
Fun fact: The trailer features a cover of Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” from the 1993 album called “In Utero.”
Writer Carl Ellsworth also wrote Disturbia and Red Eye, both super intense movies. Like those, this movie will grab your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end. The tension is non-stop.
I like seeing Jimmi Simpson
The female protagonist isn’t very likable. She’s a mess and so the character you feel sorry for is really her son.
Good sound effects and intense music.
There’s a super cheesy and cringe-worthy line toward the end of the movie that will make you laugh out loud.
Some critics are saying the video montage at the beginning of the movie is unnecessary, but I thought it definitely made a point.
The stuntwork on the car crashes and chase scenes was very well done.


Always have a plan B
If a crazy person is stalking you, go straight to a police department
Always have your chargers for your cell phone and tablet with you
Courtesy tap and be kind to people. Everyone is on edge these days during this pandemic.
Don’t make noise when you’re hiding from a bad guy!
Don’t be so quick to honk your horn when you’re annoyed with drivers around you. You don’t know what their day has been like…
If someone near you starts to get violent to others, get out of there!


Russell Crowe sure has packed on the weight, but then again, haven’t we all during this pandemic? I don’t know if he gained weight for this role or not, but it does give heft to his character in a very menacing way.
Some scenes were unrealistic and unbelievable. I don’t want to give you any spoilers here…
Some things just didn’t make sense. Again, I don’t want to give you any spoilers here…
Most characters make terrible decisions. It’s super frustrating to watch, but I admit it engages you in the story by wanting to yell, “Nooooo!” at the screen.
Brutal violence of women and children… NOT OKAY.
You don’t get any big backstory to help you understand why Russell Crowe’s character is so evil. In that regard, he’s just as evil as the insane villains in many slasher/horror movies.
There’s a moment in a car where there is obvious dubbing because the video and audio don’t match the character’s lips. What the what?
There’s another moment when people are sitting around eating while Russell Crowe’s character goes nuclear nearby. What the what?


“We are going backward.” – voice during the video montage at the beginning of the movie. It sure seems like it with all of that’s going on in the United States right now.

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